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Parallel and Distributed Systems: Paradigms and Models

This is the home page of the new course, starting in 2017-2018, shared among the Master degrees in Computer Science and Networking and Computer Science (all curricula).

This year, all the course material will hosted on Google Classroom. Log in into Google Classroom using your credentials and look for class code sekk7rt. In order to be admitted to the classroom you must be invited:

  • Send an email to professor with Subject: Registration SPM 17-18
  • either from your account or putting your exact account into the message body
  • look for the invitation message at the account
  • and follow instructions

IMPORTANT In order to be able to access Google Classroom, if you haven't already activated Google services, please follow the instructions at this page (Accesso al servizio)

LESSON OF FEBRUARY 21 4-6PM will be given in Aula Gerace, at the Dept. of Computer Science. This is the (large) meeting room in front of the phone desk at the entrance.


The program of the course is accessible through the Univ. of Pisa Program web site at this page.

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