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SPM 2015/16 Exams


The text for the project is available on this page

PHI performance

In the lessons we stated performance of Xeon PHI is 2 to 4 times smaller than the performance observed on the host machine Xeon processors.

Actually, performance scale factor varies depending on the kind of code executed. Code with quite a number of branches may experience 10x and more slowdown w.r.t. host Xeon processor.

As far as the project report is concerned, please report scalability on PHI and times achieved when using parallelism degree equal to one on both Xeon PHI and host Xeon processor.

Access to Xeon PHI

This page hosts all the informations relative to the access to lab machines.

Exam timetable

Term Project due Oral exam
First January 22, 2016
Second February 19, 2016 Calendar
Extraordinary term April 5, 2016 Calendar
Third June 8, 2016 Calendar
Fourth June 29, 2016 Calendar
Fifth July 20, 2016 Calendar
Sixth September 2, 2016
Extraordinary term November 2nd, 2016 (deadline to submit projects)
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