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Most of the course material is covered by: +

  • the “SPM course notes” by M. Danelutto PDF that can be found here (Version of Sept 2014, A4 size) and here (Version of Sept 2014, EPUB size) . Updates and additional material will be made available during the lessons and PDF links will included on this page, in case.

I suggest consulting also these books, available as ebooks from major electronic book stores and in paper copy:

  • “Structured Parallel Programming (Patterns for Efficient Computation)” by M. McCool, A. D. Robinson, J. Reinders, Morgan Kaupfmann 2012 (preview available at this link).


This is the exercise page.

Access remote machines

Programming frameworks

  • FastFlow:
    • Home page with documentation
    • Download with svn checkout
      svn:// mc-fastflow-code

      Do not use the tarball on the same sourceforge, as the tarball is older than the svn co and not kept updated frequently.

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