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SPM 2012-2013 Support material


This year we will use:

  • the “SPM course notes” by M. Danelutto (the new version of the course noted (more syntax fixes, chapter 11 on parallel bulding block added, section 8.5 on vectorization added) PDF can be found here (A4) and here (smaller size, suitable to be read on an ebook))
  • parts from the book “Structured Parallel Programming (Patterns for Efficient Computation)” by M. McCool, A. D. Robinson, J. Reinders, Morgan Kaupfmann 2012 (preview available at this link).
  • paper by John Backus (Turing Award Lecture 1977) on FP (here)
  • * C/C++ based programming frameworks
    • To obtain the most recent version of FastFlow, try a
      svn co

The previous Academic Year material is still available at this link

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