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SPM for the academic year 2017-2018

The SPM course has been moved from first semester (last edition 2016-2017) to second semester (2017-2018 and following AY). To favour the students enrolled in 2016-17 that will therefore find the SPM lessons in the second semester, a “recover” version of the course will be run in the first semester 2017-2018 (i.e. from Sept 2017 to Dec 2017). However this version will not include full lessons in classroom. I'll give only 20 hours in classroom. The other lesson hours will be given “virtually” either providing audio/video material recorded offline or assigning material to be read on your own and discussed in the next physical classroom lesson. The course will be supported by some web tool (didawiki, Google classroom, …). During the teaching period, several home work will be assigned. These are programming exercises to be implemented and run on the machine(s) available for the course (multicore servers with Intel PHI and/or GPU accelerators), using different kind of programming tools. Students may compare their implementation of the homework exercises with the solutions prepared by the teachers(s) or send the teacher their code for comments. The exam will include

  • the preparation of a project (possibly re-using part of the homework achievements),
  • a demo + discussion of the project, and
  • an oral exam (questions on the theory part of the course)

All the terms registered as “exam day” on the pages must be considered as the deadlines for the electronic (email) submission of the project. After that term, the teacher will mark the projects and eventually call you for the oral part (demo + discussion + questions).

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