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Visual Analytics (602AA)


  • Monday, 16:00 - 18:00, Room C1
  • Wednesday, 16:00 - 18:00, Room C1


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Students will be admitted to the exam after the registration on the website The exam consists of a discussion of the project. It is mandatory to submit a short report (6-10 pages) within the deadline by mail to the instructor, specifying the tag “[VA]” in the subject.

Planned dates:

  • Please log on to the portal for registration to get the next dates

Project assignment

  • A project should have the following requirements:
    • The application should contain several visual widgets, each providing insights on a selection of dimensions of the original data
    • It is possible to use state-of-the-art charts (bar charts, line charts, etc.) and libraries (, vega, etc).
    • The final evaluation will take into account the implementation of a novel, original visualization to present the data in a creative, non-trivial way, using D3.js (see examples on Vast Challenge 2008 developed in class). You can refer to visualization techniques already present in the literature, by adapting or implementing part of the solution.
    • Interactivity should be implemented, providing toolbars, selections, and filters for the data.
    • The visual widget should interact among them, realizing a set of linked displays to browse the data across multiple dimensions
    • The project should be submitted as a Git repository
    • The project report should be submitted 4 days before the discussion and should discuss at least the following points:
      • Description of data and presentation of the pattern or model to communicate
      • design choices: colors, interactions, shapes, transformations)
      • state-of-art: similar tools or interfaces for the same problem
      • Detailed description of the visualization with a description of the interaction
      • use case example for an analytical task

The student may choose one of the following project proposals. She/he can also propose an additional topic. In this case, a project proposal should be submitted for approval, containing a description of the data, a sketch of the possible visualization, and the motivation for the project.

VAST Challenge 2022 :!: **new**

The project assignment for the exam consists of the realization of a web application addressing data and mini-challenges presented for the VAST challenge 2022 ( Each student may choose one of the mini-challenges to build a visual interface that answers the proposed questions (see the list on the corresponding page in the VAST website).

Geological data visualization

This project has the objective of creating a visual dashboard to explore and browse geographical and geological data. This is a joint project with the IGG institute of CNR. Data available for the project can not be shared publicly. If interested, send me an email to fix a meeting to discuss this in more detail.

Next Exams


  • Visual Analytics for Data Scientists. Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko, Georg Fuchs, Aidan Slingsby, Cagatay Turkay, Stefan Wrobel. Springer, 2020. ISBN: 978-3-030-56146-8
  • Design for Information. Isabel Meirelles, Rockport Publisher,2013.
  • Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, Scott Murray, O'Reilly Atlas, 2013

Useful Resources

Class Calendar

All exercises and code discussed during each lesson are available as a Git repository at:

A collection of Observable Notebooks are available at

Recordings of lessons on Microsoft Teams are accessible within the channel of the course.

Day Aula Topic Learning material
01 2022/02/20 16:00-18:00 C1 Intro: Visual Analytics Process; Slides ; VisMaster Book (Chapter 2)
02 2022/02/22 16:00-18:00 C1 Vision and Perception; Slides
03 2022/02/27 16:00-18:00 C1 Visual Variables Slides; Visual Analytics for DS book (Chapter 3)
04 2022/03/01 16:00-18:00 C1 Node.js, NPM, GIT Slides
05 2022/03/06 16:00-18:00 C1 Color models, color scales Slides
2022/03/08 16:00-18:00 C1 No class today
06 2022/03/13 16:00-18:00 C1 Chart Taxonomies; Use cases Slides
07 2022/03/15 16:00-18:00 C1 D3.js Intro Slides
08 2022/03/20 16:00-18:00 C1 D3.js Intro (cont.d)
09 2022/03/22 16:00-18:00 C1 Reusable modules in D3 Slides Notebook 1 Notebook 2 Notebook 3
10 2022/03/27 16:00-18:00 C1 Data Handling with D3 and JS Slides
11 2022/03/29 16:00-18:00 C1 D3 Scales Notebook
12 2022/04/03 16:00-18:00 C1
13 2022/04/05 16:00-18:00 C1 Project assignment and VAST Challenge 2008
14 2022/04/12 16:00-18:00 C1 VAST Challenge 2008 - MC 2 GitHub (branch MC2
15 2022/04/17 16:00-18:00 C1 Hierarchical data types Slides
16 2022/04/19 16:00-18:00 C1 VAST Challenge 2008 - MC 2 (cont'd) GitHub (branch MC2
17 2022/04/26 16:00-18:00 C1 VAST Challenge 2008 - MC 4 GitHub (branch Mc4)
18 2022/05/03 16:00-18:00 C1 Geographic Data Slides
19 2022/05/08 16:00-18:00 C1 Geographic Data (cont'd)

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