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Teacher: Laura Ricci, Emanuele Carlini

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Teacher: Laura Ricci, Emanuele Carlini

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Day Hour Room
Wednesday 9.00-11.00 L1
Friday 16.00-18.00 B

New (Tentative) Program of the Course

  • Introduction: P2P and Big Data as Complex Networks
  • P2P Systems: Content Search and Distribution
    • Unstructured Overlays: Flooding, Random Walks
    • Structured Overlays: Distributed Hash Tables (DHT)
      • The Chord DHT: A Markov chain Model of Routing in Chord
    • Case Studies:
      • eMule: the KAD implementation of the Kademlia DHT
      • Bittorrent: a Content Distribution Network, Game based Cooperation
      • Bitcoin: Digital currency. Anonimicity in P2P networks
    • Simulation Environments for P2P Systems: Peersim
  • Models for P2P and Big Graphs:
    • Random Graphs and Small Worlds
    • Small world navigability: Watts Strogatz and Kleinberg Models
    • Complex networks navigability: case studies
      • The Darknet Freenet, a Small World Network
      • Big Social Graphs: Geographical Routing
  • Vertex Centric Approaches:
    • P2P Asynchronous Models: Epidemic Approaches
      • Gossip Based Algorithms
      • Laboratory: Random Sampling, K-core,
    • Global Models for Big Graph Computing: the Bulk Synchronous Computing Model
  • Distributed Supports for Big Graphs Frameworks
    • Facebook cloud: a DHT in the cloud
    • Google's globally-distributed Database
    • Distributed Supports for BSP models

Final Examination

Final Project or Written Examination

For any information, contact me at:

     Skype: lauraemiliaricci
     Facebook: (ask me for friendship and send me a message)   
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