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Most of the course material is covered by: +

  • the “SPM course notes” by M. Danelutto PDF that can be found here (Version of Sept 2014, A4 size) and here (Version of Sept 2014, EPUB size) . Updates and additional material will be made available during the lessons and PDF links will included on this page, in case.

I suggest consulting also these books, available as ebooks from major electronic book stores and in paper copy:

  • “Structured Parallel Programming (Patterns for Efficient Computation)” by M. McCool, A. D. Robinson, J. Reinders, Morgan Kaupfmann 2012 (preview available at this link).

Programming frameworks

  • FastFlow:
    • Home page with documentation
    • Download with svn checkout mc-fastflow-code** ==== Access remote machines ==== * Xeon PHI * see instructions * Andromeda * see instructions
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