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 ===== SPM 2012-2013 Support material ===== ===== SPM 2012-2013 Support material =====
-At the moment being you can use the material ​from the previous Academic Yearavailable at [[sdpm12support|this link]]+==== Textbooks ====  
 +This year we will use:  
 +  * the "SPM course notes" by M. Danelutto (the new version of the course noted (more syntax fixes, chapter 11 on parallel bulding block added, section 8.5 on vectorization added) ​ PDF can be found [[http://​​~marcod/​SPM1213/​spm1213_june052013.pdf|here (A4)]] and [[http://​​~marcod/​SPM1213/​spm1213_june052013.pdf|here (smaller size, suitable to be read on an ebook)]]) 
 +  * parts from the book "​Structured Parallel Programming (Patterns for Efficient Computation)"​ by M. McCool, A. D. Robinson, J. Reinders, Morgan Kaupfmann 2012 (preview available at [[http://​​books?​id=zpaHa5cjLwwC&​printsec=frontcover&​hl=it#​v=onepage&​q&​f=false|this link]]). 
 +  * paper by John Backus (Turing Award Lecture 1977) on FP ([[http://​​~marcod/​SPM1213/​backus_turingaward_lecture.pdf|here]]) 
 +  * * C/C++ based programming frameworks 
 +    * FastFlow [[http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=ffnamespace:​about|home page]] and [[http://​​projects/​mc-fastflow/​|source forge home]] 
 +    * To obtain the most recent version of FastFlow, try a <​code>​svn co https://​​svnroot/​mc-fastflow</​code>​ 
 +The previous Academic Year material is still available at [[sdpm12support|this link]]
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